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Bab's Genealogy and History
Midlothian 1880

Map of Midlothian, Silver Creek Township
Harper Co, Kansas
February 25, 1880

The original map was drawn by Freddie Gillette (1869-c.1890) probably as a school assignment as it was on blue-lined school paper. It was drawn in colored pencil. The original was in pieces, well-worn and faded and was last know to be in the possession of Janet Edna Freeman (1909-deceased) who made a copy and sent it to her cousin, Frances Anna Young (1911-deceased) who traced over the faded information so as to be easily readable.

Large numerals are the section numbers. The blue lines are section lines; the red are half-section lines. Figures in the upper right-hand cornor indicate populaton of claim.
A dark circle indicates a sod house; a diamond indicates a frame house.

Benjamin Freeman was the first postmaster and named the post office Mid-lothian and ran a store out of his home,
SE 1/4 of Sec. 14.


The following information comes from the 1880 US Census
with additional notes from myself and from Richard Bird, grandson of T. B. Marsh and a diary written by T. B. Marsh.

Joe Haun: age 24 from TN with wife Cesellope(?)
and children Minnie and Henry.

Benjamin F. Poorman: 32 yrs b. IL with wife Alice
and children Lilly, William, Thomas and Russell.

James Malone: 26 from IL as a boarder with Benjamin Poorman.

McGovney: no listing

J. Comstock: no listing

N.M Haun: Nat A. Haun age 24 and Miller Haun age 25,
both from TN.

James W. Courtney: age 44 b. England with wife Elizabeth
and children Mark G, Ann and Fred as well as a
border Hudson Marks born in N.Y

Wilson Hudson Marks: age 27, b. NY lives with James Courtney

Theodore Barton Marsh: age 33, b. WI with wife Caroline (Cooke) and children Grace, Lillian, Bertha, and twins Theodore Ralph and Caroline who died in June 1880 from pneumonia. Another daugher Theodora was b. about 1887. This family stayed in Kansas, moving to Anthony where their descendencts still live.

Ed Cooke: age 31, b. England with wife Caroline M. b. England and children Charles and Charlotte Alice. Charles died in 1896 from typhoid and Charlotte in 1907.

Henry C. Fisler: age 31, occupation as Repesentative, single with Frank J. Fisler age 26 b. Maryland

Joseph B. Bissell: age 32, b. IA, "maimed, crippled, bedridden or otherwise disabled" living with John H. Stafford b. CN with wife Sarah and children Mina and Minnie.
John's father was from VT.

W. Bissell: no listing

Charles Alfred Freeman: This is my great-grandfather. His wife Janet Mayo was a niece of Bishop Chase

Benjamin Heber Freeman: a son of Benjamin Freeman he married Laura Chase, daughter of Rev. Philander Chase and grand-daughter of Bishop Philander Chase.

L. Cooke: no listing. George L. Cooke of London, England whose son was born in 1885 on Langley Home Farm.

W. Holland: no listing

Charley H. Moss: age 24 b. Ill, living with sister Florence J., unmarried at age 20, b. Ill.

Charle married Elizabeth R. They both died in 1917. They had a daughter Vera who was born in 1887 and died in 1884.

Edward M. Moss: age 28 b. Ill with wife Bertha M (Cooke)who died in 1884 after childbirth and was buried in Trinity Church Cemetery. His parents were born in CT and hers in England.

Their children included Mary A (Minnie), Helen b. 1876 d. 1894,William d. 1887 from dyptheria and tiwns Flossie and Jessie who also died from dyptheria. These four children are all buried in Trinity Church Cemetery. The youngest daughter Bertha who was born in 1884 was sent to live with June Cooke.

Benjamin Freeman: The patriarch of this town was born in 1820 in London, England. He arrived at NYC with his father William and brother William in 1830. His father was a silversmith and he was a piano-maker. He married Deborah Sullivan from Chester, Delaware Co in Philadelphia, moved to Chicago and established a piano factory there before the
Chicago Fire of 1871, and then moved to Jubilee.

Other than his eldest daughter Henrietta who was married to William Martin and living in Chicago the others migrated with him. Benjamin and Deborah are both buried in Trinity
Church Cemetery.

Sherrill Chamberlain: age 32 b. Jubilee, IL with wife
Martha (Freeman) b. 1844 in Philadelphia, PA.
Children were Edith and Emma Grace. A third child, Eva May,
was born and died in Aug 1880. Sherrill Chamberlain was the
son of Mary Chase and the grandson of Bishop Philander Chase. Mary died and was buried in Trinity Church Cemetery.
The others moved on to Arkansas.

Samuel Brooke: age 50 b. OH, blacksmith with wife Frances B.
and children: Charlie, Robert, Olange, James M.

M. A. Allen: no listing

Joseph C Moss: age 29, b. ILL, single, par b. NY.

Isaac Gillet: age 36 b. NYC and children Frederick Reynolds (Freddie who drew the map), Alonzo, Henrietta
and Amy. Isaac was the widower of Mary Freeman, daughter of Benjamin who died from childbirth and was buried in Chicago's Graceland Cemetery in an unmarked grave. Freddie and Alonzo died young and were probably buried in Trinity church Cemetery. Henrietta married a German and moved to Germany. Her descendents live in England and Finland.
Amy married and moved to Santa Paula, Co. Isaac remarried amd returned to New York City. He was a professional photographer, Civil War Vet, and lost part of an arm in a threshing accident.

J. B. Clark: no listing but was possibly James Benson Clark, a descendent of Bishop Chase.

J. B. Baggett: age 55, b. TN with wife nancy F., no children listed.

G. Gifford: no listing

B. A. Wells: no listing

James A.Jackson: age 32, b. Iowa with wife Maria b. PA
and children: David, Harry J, Elnora E. Andrew J. and Charles all born Indiana.

Elliott Chase: Elliott Chase age 25 with his wife Addie (Sawyer)and children born after June 1880 were Anna, Esther, Alice, Laura and Helen. Elioot was the grandson of Bishop Chase. This family moved on to Wichita.

Ed Farrington: no listing but the 1885 State Census shows
a Lottie Farrington, age 21, b. Eng.

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